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Bringing the beauty of the Holy Land's nature to you.

Scopus Dead Sea Pen


a black scopus pens
Rabi sign with a Scopus pen
4 Scopus pens in a luxury box

Welcome to Scopus Pens, where we bring to life our passion and ideas in the shape of unique and wonderful quality pens. 
Made entirely by hand, we are as excited about every new pen we create like the one before, and we look at our work as an ongoing cycle of creation. 
No two Scopus Pens are identical, as each one is shaped by nature, and nature is the driving force behind our art. 


Who we are?

Scopus Pens was an idea born of a meeting between three passionate artists in the very special surroundings of the city of Jerusalem. 
Ilana and Eran Hovev met Misha Manusov during the Jerusalem Art Fairs, and an instant connection was evident. Each has their own individual approach to expression through art, and the conversation soon turned to how nature influences art. 
Understanding that there was a mutual vision, the trio used the time they found during the Covid pandemic to develop and tune this vision, and the result is the wonderful and unique world of Scopus Pens.

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