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\Dead Sea

Among the most breath-taking scenery in the world lies the spellbinding Dead Sea. At 420 metres below sea level, it is officially the lowest place on Earth. The wonderful combination of natural salt mushrooms and the diverse colours of the rocks in the sea and the cliffs around the water gave us the inspiration for our Dead Sea Pens. 
Unique, original, and driven entirely by nature, we used the time on our hands during the first year of the Covid pandemic to bring to life the ever-changing colours and effects the Dead Sea provides during every day. We believe that the Scopus Dead Sea Pens, every one unique and hand-made, represents this gloriously spectacular and inspiring location in the best possible way. When you hold your Scopus Dead Sea Pen in your hands, you are holding a piece of this wonderful and unique sea.

5 Dead Sea Pens

\Scopus Jerusalem

Inspired by the surroundings of that first meeting between the Hovev and Manusov trio, the holy and historic ancient city of Jerusalem, is the Scopus Jerusalem Pen. This design reflects the ongoing passion these three artists present in their unique and nature-inspired Scopus Pens. 
Combining the individual creative talents of three people who share a common love of nature and art, the Jerusalem inspired pen is a glorious success, with each hand-made example being entirely unique. Using only natural materials – all sourced or purchased legally and from sustainable supplies – Scopus Jerusalem is a simply beautiful object to hold, and one that embodies the very essence of the trio’s vision.

6 Scopus Jerusalem pens

\Scopus Wine

Having grown vineyards for many years and dreamt of a small winery on their farm, Eran and Ilana embraced the vivacious and colorful scenery provided by the many boutique wineries that populate the beautiful hills around Jerusalem. 
The natural materials shine through in a wash of colours, perfectly reflecting the purple, orange, and red shades that are nature’s choice for the hillsides, and that are seen in the fine wine produced in the region. Every individual Scopus Wine pen is unique and made by the hands of the three artisans who are the passion and dedication behind Scopus Pens.

3 Scopus wine pens
2 scopus white pens

\Scopus Artists' Collection

Ilana, Eran, and Misha – the three skilled and talented artists who founded Scopus to create unique and individual pens inspired by the natural world that surrounds them – each have their own collection.
By giving each artist the freedom to express their individual creative ideas Scopus adds to the variety of the many unique design ideas and materials used. These pens are crafted by hand to designs that come from within the passionate minds of the trio, and the result is a selection of entirely unique pens, each one give by nature an individual look and feel. 
The stand-alone Artists’ Collection pens are simply stunning and are the embodiment of the artists’ innovation and passion for creating unique art in the form of beautiful pens.

\Scopus Desert

Few landscapes are as wonderful as the deserts of Israel. Natural materials abound, and the trio of Scopus artists walks the desert trails for inspiration, collecting materials to use in the Scopus Desert range of pens. All materials are sourced legally and from sustainable resources.
The Scopus Desert range features a wealth of colors and textures provided by desert rocks, the spectacular cacti that grow here, and fossil wood with its simply unique and beautiful patterns and colors. Inspired by the nature and uniqueness of the desert landscape, each Scopus Desert pen is entirely unique. Nature takes its time to create the materials used in Scopus Pens, just as each pen is carefully crafted in no rush.

2 Scopus Desert pens
wood pen stand
solt pen stand
wood pen stand
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