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Misha Manusov picture

Misha Manusov

The string that holds the three Scopus Pens together is a combined love of nature and art, and an understanding of how the two come together. An avid mountain biker who has ridden many of the most fascinating and enthralling tracks in the world, Misha has always wanted to bring art and nature together, and finally found two other people with the same vision.
Still riding mountain bikes for inspiration and ideas, Misha splits his time between riding the trails and creating unique and stunning hand-made Scopus Pens from natural and locally sourced materials that reflect the collective vision and individual creative drive of the three Scopus Pens founders.

Eran Hove picture

Eran Hovev

The love of nature and art that brings the three Scopus Pens founders together is easy to see in Eran’s younger days when he studied painting in the studio of a well-known artist. Eran followed a path to become a farmer and agronomist – and a successful international businessman – yet his passion for and attachment to art never left him. 
On his farm he preserves and displays unique pieces of wood, roots, cactus, and other materials that he has collected across the years, and that he now uses in the creation of the stunning range of Scopus Pens. He returned to the art world thanks to the inspiration gained when he and Ilana met Misha at the Jerusalem Art Fairs.

Ilana Hovev picture

Ilana Hovev

Inspired by a love of nature from an early age, Ilana spent her childhood in the wonderful surroundings of the Mediterranean Sea shores. She would spend time exploring the shoreline looking for shells and driftwood from which to craft pendants, an early foray into the nature as art vision that drives Scopus Pens.
Ilana also has a lifelong love of plants, and always intended to incorporate this passion for plants into her future career. In addition to the beautifully hand-made Scopus Pens, Ilana has also developed a superb range of green jewellery. Using olive wood, resin, and elements of the cacti found in the deserts of Israel, she creates unique pieces that are simply wonderful to behold.

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